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Coronary Angioscan

The coronary angioscan is a medical imaging technique that allows visualization of the blood vessels of the heart, called coronary arteries, after an injection of iodinated contrast agent, using a CT scanner.

The angioscan is a quick, noninvasive and painless exam. The image acquisition is done in sequential or volume mode, allowing multiplanar reconstructions and the accurate study of normal or pathological anatomical structures.

The coronary angioscan is much safer than conventional angiography. The only contraindications of this examination are the allergy in the iodine and the renal insufficiency. This examination requires pre-medication with beta-blockers to maintain a low and regular heart rate.

The angioscan is used to detect coronary stenosis or obstructions, to verify the permeability of bypasses and stents and to study cardiac and coronary anatomy. The role of the coronary angioscan consists of its ability to determine whether a severe blockage of coronary arteries is present or not, thanks to its high negative predictive value, rather than assessing the severity of already known coronary disease, Therefore, a negative test can put your mind at peace as to your risk of ˝heart attack˝ in the short and medium term.

The angioscan detects calcified and non-calcified atherosclerotic lesions.

The main risk factors for atherosclerosis are: age, hypertension, smoking, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and family history.

A sophisticated test

The coronary angioscan is a sophisticated test that is performed at Physimed in partnership with our team of radiologists and our team of cardiologists.

Physimed’s Medical Imaging Center is one of the rare clinics in Canada to offer the coronary angioscan privately. If you experience chest pain but your doctor does not believe that you have a cardiac problem and/or your stress test (treadmill) is not conclusive, and you would like to confirm that there is no problem with your coronary arteries, the angioscan is the indicated test for you, as it is ideal to confirm the absence of significant coronary artery disease while avoiding the risks associated with the traditional coronarography.

If you have a prescription for a Coronary Angioscan, you can call 514 747-8192 to book an appointment. We will quickly forward your results to your physician.