Medico-Legal Assessment

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For a complete and objective evaluation

Medico-Legal Assessment

A medico-legal assessment is used to settle disputes related to the medical health status of an employee. This evaluation provides an unbiased medical answer in cases of occupational injury, occupational disease or short and long term disability. It equally offers the opportunity to ask specific questions to a physician or a specialist regarding any type of case, whether absenteeism, disability, CSST, SAAQ, IVAQ, etc., such as:

  • Verification of the diagnosis
  • Date of consolidation or justification for the absence
  • Assessment of functional limitations
  • Evaluation of personal pre-existing condition and the possibility of cost-sharing
  • Assessment of permanent impairment to physical and mental integrity
  • Relevance of treatment
  • Possibility to perform simple tasks or temporary reassignment
  • Motivation of the employee to return to work

Customized Approach

The coordination of medico-legal assessments is done by qualified and trained personnel specialized in occupational health that will assist you in the procedure. You will thus obtain a personalized approach adapted to your needs.

With the support of our team, make the right decision in a timely manner and ensure the proper follow-up of your files.

  • Support and advice

    from the initial request for a medico-legal assessment

  • Support

    in the collection of relevant information that will be provided to the evaluating physician

  • Verification

    of file and forwarding of file to the evaluating physicianrt

  • Support

    regarding the file following the assessment

  • Preliminary report

    send by email (or fax upon request)

  • Revision

    of assessment and recommendations, if needed

  • Final report

    Fast delivery to the requester

  • Suport and advice for the follow-up of

    absenteeism management, management of occupational injury claims and implementation of the recommendations in the context of working relations

Supplementary Report

If you wish to bring additional medical information after a medico-legal assessment, our experts are able to provide you with a supplementary report in the light of the new information and give accurate answers to your questions following an evaluation.

Expert Witness Service

Please note that all our expert physicians are available to support you in your legal procedures. Our expert witness service allows you to obtain the testimony of the doctor who has performed the evaluation in front of the court. This testimony will be a considerable asset to your cause; the doctor will explain and interpret his own findings to decision-makers and will respond directly to their questions.