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Patients Area

Now available!

Send us your request online via our Website!

We are proud to provide you with a new “Patient Area” in order to optimize our customer service and facilitate certain requests for services submitted by our patients (renewal of medications, copy of files, completion of forms by the doctor, etc.) as well as booking an appointment online.

the patient area is not working. Please call 514-747-88888 ext. 4262 to request a prescription renewal without a visit to your family physician or to complete a form. To request a copy of your file call 514-747-8888 ext. 4251.  

Online requests services

Request for a copy of results, copy of files, lost requisition, medication renewal, completion of form, etc.

Online request for an appointment

Travel Health Clinic, Pediatric and Adult Vaccination, Medical check-up, Consultation in medical specialties, etc.


From now on, there is no need anymore to call or leave a message on a voice mail to get your services!

You can place your requests directly online and you will receive your documents in a secured and fast way.

We strongly encourage you to use this new online service via our website which will save you time and unnecessary travel, and increase efficiency and speed of services!

Please remember to check your ”spam” or ”junk” folder if you do not receive a response from us within the specified delays.  

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