Annik Thériault, Pharmacists inc.

On-site Pharmacy

Proxim Affiliated member

Your pharmacist is a healthcare professional as an integral part of your healthcare team. He is the medication expert. It ensures, among others:

  • Monitor

    your drug therapy and how well your medication is working

  • Follow-up

    on drug efficacy

  • Make recommendations

    to your doctor and other healthcare professionals who care for you

  • Suggest the medication that works best for you

    according to your health condition and other medication you may be taking


Transfer of prescriptions from another pharmacy, management of medications in pillboxes (Dosett®, Dispill® or other), monitoring and follow-up of prescribed medications, disposal of expired or unused medication.

Specialized Products

Rental of crutches, rental of walkers, rental of canes, health products for travellers, orthopaedic products and devices, specialized dressings, naturopathic products, products for ostomized patients, products for diabetic patients

Professional Services

Smoking cessation support, help preparing a first-aid kit adapted to your activities

Annik Thériault, Pharmaciens inc. are solely responsible for the pharmaceutical services advertised here.