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B Vitamins

This program will help you better understand the importance of B vitamins in the body and how you can make sure you are getting the right amount. It discusses major types of vitamin B and which foods are rich in them.


Back Exercises

This program explains back exercises. The program includes the following sections: what causes back pain, what are back exercises, how to prevent back pain, what are the benefits of back exercises, back exercise tips, what are back stretching exercises, what are back strengthening exercises, and what is a back exercise routine.


Back Pain – Introduction to Pain Management

This patient education program explains the possible sources of pain in the back and how they can be treated, with emphasis on pain clinic settings. Included are the following sections: Anatomy, Symptoms & their Causes, and The Pain Clinic.


Bed Bugs

This program will describe bed bugs, what they are and how they infest a residence. The program includes sections about detecting and preventing bed bug infestations. It also discusses how to diagnose the bite of a bed bug and treat it.


Bell’s Palsy

This patient education program will help you understand Bell's palsy and how it affects the body.


Bipolar Disorder

This health education program explains to patients and caregivers what bipolar disorder is. It discusses its symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment options.


Birth Control – Contraception

This program focuses on birth control. It explains the different birth control options that are available. Information about the effectiveness of certain birth control methods are also discussed, as are the potential side effects associated with some birth controls.


Bladder Cancer

This program explains bladder cancer. The program includes the following sections: what is the anatomy of the bladder, what is bladder cancer, what are the causes and risk factors of bladder cancer, what are the symptoms of bladder cancer, how is bladder cancer diagnosed, what are the stages of bladder cancer and what are the options for treatment and supportive care for bladder cancer.


Bladder Diseases and Problems

This program will help you understand diseases and problems that affect the bladder. It discusses common diseases and problems of the bladder, as well as diagnosis and treatment.


Blood and Blood Disorders

This program explains blood and blood disorders. The program includes the following sections: what is the role of the blood, what are general symptoms of blood disorders, what is anemia, what are platelet disorders, what are eosinophilic disorders and what are cancers of the blood.