Copy of the results of tests done elsewhere

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    You need to contact the establishment where you conducted the tests or exams to obtain a copy of the results.
    If you would like us to handle your request, we will be pleased to provide you with a copy of your results, however administrative fees will apply.

    Please note that we do not make any calls to other centers to ask them to send out results. You must contact the center where you did the tests or exams to make sure they have sent them to us. We will send you your results once we have received them from the center where you performed the tests or exams.

    Once your request below is completed, we will be happy to process your request.

    Copies of test results is not a service covered by Medicare. Therefore, fees apply, based on the Federation of Physicians' fee scale.

    Please remember to check your ''spam'' or ''junk'' folder if you do not receive a response from us within 72 business hours.  

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  • (You will receive a copy of your test results via a highly secure email. You will need to enter the password you chose in order to access your file.)
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  • Secure payment via PayPal
  • After clicking the ''submit'' button, please do not exit this page before being redirected to the confirmation page.

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