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Frequently Asked Questions


Physimed’s lab is open seven days a week.

We are open for walk-in patients as well as patients with appointment as of 6:30 AM and closes at 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

Physimed’s lab is also open on the weekend for patients only with appointment, Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 AM to 4 PM.

Yes, you need a requisition signed by your physician for most lab tests except, for example, for urine-sample pregnancy tests.

In our lab, we see both patients with appointments and patients without appointments. The patients that have an appointment generally go through on time while the patients that do not have an appointment are served on a first-come first-served basis. The wait time is usually relatively short, however if you want to make sure to go through at a set time, we encourage you to fill out a request for an appointment for a lab test in the “patient area” of our website.

Certain tests require a 12hr fast, however a lot of test don’t. It is best to follow the recommended fasting time indicated on your requisition (or provided by your physician). If it is not indicated on your requisition, you can consult the list of tests that require you to be fasting or, in case of doubt, you may contact our clinic at 514 747-8185 for information regarding the test preparation.

The majority of routine tests will be ready within 24-72 hrs. A few tests have a longer turn around time.

Test costs may vary, depending on type of test(s) that is/are being ordered. If you fill out a request for an appointment for a lab test in the “patient area” of our website, and upload your requisition, we will be able to give you a price for your lab test upon booking an appointment.

Most private insurance plans reimburse our laboratory fees. Physimed provides all of the patients with official receipts so that they can claim the fees back from their insurance.

Your lab test results will be sent automatically to your doctor so that he can analyze them and discuss the results with you.

Yes you can. You need to fill out a request for your lab results in the “patient area” of our website, and we will send you your results through a secured email or you can come pick up a copy of your results in person at Physimed’s reception.

Physimed’s lab is open on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 AM with an appointment.

In order to protect the confidentiality of all of our patients, no information will be divulged to anyone except to the requesting health care professional, his/her designated staff and the patient (depending on the nature of the test), unless the appropriate authorization form is signed by the patient.

There are usually no wait times in our lab to get an appointment. Same-day appointments are most of the time possible.

If you require more information regarding our lab services you can visit the Lab Services section of our web site or contact us from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM at 514 747-8185

Physimed pays special attention to patients who are afraid of blood tests. We apply a special cream on the skin at the site of the puncture to create local anesthesia. Thus the puncture with the needle will generate little or no pain. It requires an additional half an hour to your appointment to allow the cream to take effect. Please mention it to our nurses upon getting your blood test.