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“Offer Influenza Vaccination in the Workplace!”

We firmly believe that the health and well-being of your employees are crucial for the success and productivity of your company. That’s why we take pride in renewing our commitment to provide your employees with the service of influenza vaccination in the workplace for the upcoming season starting in mid-October. Why is Influenza Vaccination in the Workplace Relevant.

  1. Preserving your Employees’ Health: Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a potentially serious viral disease, especially when complications arise. Implementing workplace flu vaccination will help reduce the risk of virus transmission and minimize the impact of the flu on the overall well-being of your employees.
  2. Improving Productivity: Every year, influenza significantly lowers productivity in businesses due to extended absences of sick employees. By investing in workplace vaccination, you can decrease influenza incidence among your workforce, leading to a more present, engaged, and productive team.
  3. Fostering Team Cohesion: Offering influenza vaccination is a tangible gesture that demonstrates your commitment to your employees’ health and happiness at work.
  4. Reducing Costs Associated with Influenza: Indirect costs related to influenza, such as absences, medical visits, and medications, can quickly accumulate and impact your company’s finances. By preventing influenza through vaccination, you contribute to cost control, benefiting your entire organization.
  5. Strengthening Corporate Social Responsibility: By providing influenza vaccination in the workplace, you showcase your dedication to public health and your responsibility as a significant community actor.

We firmly believe that workplace influenza vaccination is a strategic investment that brings benefits both to your employees and your company. Together, let’s create a safer, healthier, and more fulfilling work environment.

Join us in this initiative to prevent and protect your teams’ health.

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