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Philosophy and mission of Physimed

The main philosophy of Physimed lies in the integration, under one roof, of a multitude of specialized medical services related to occupational health and safety.

This grouping of services is important advantage such as reducing the time patients have to wait and providing more efficient care.

Our mission is to offer assistance and support to organizations requiring expertise in occupational health and safety, either by performing medical examinations or by consulting services in wellness and occupational health.

At the forefront of the market, our leadership is reflected by a constant satisfaction of our customers and the unconditional support of our staff.

Physimed recognizes the importance of its human resources and encourages creativity and initiative within its organization. The reliability of our people is our greatest asset as we try to serve our clientele in a harmonious and respectful work environment.

In the constant search for excellence, our approach is based on certain essential principles.

  • guaranteed professionalism

  • accessibility and continuity of services

  • cutting edge technology

  • concern for a courteous and personalized service

  • Respect of corporate culture

  • a relation of partnership with our clients