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Our Radiologists

At Physimed, we have a team of 36 highly trained radiologists from McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). They are known for their leadership and expertise in medical imaging diagnosis. With respect to the radiologists who specialize in virtual colonoscopy, this team is led by Dr. Larry Stein, chief radiologist at the Royal Victoria Hospital and Chairperson of the CAR (Canadian Association of Radiologists) Working Group on Virtual Colonoscopy.

Our highly specialized professionals are committed to excellence and are dedicated to providing outstanding care to our patients.

Our Clinicians

Physimed is a large multi-specialty clinic that has approximately 50 physicians (aside from our radiologists) in family medicine and in different specialities capable of evaluating and following patients for which the results of the virtual colonoscopy showed abnormalities. Rest assured that, even if you don’t have a family physician, Physimed will orchestrate your follow-up if needed.

Our Equipment

Our equipment consists of a high resolution, ultra fast GE 64-slice CT scanner, which provides a precise tool for measuring and tracking anatomical structures and suspected pathology.

Also, the addition of an ultra specialized computer program called CAD (computer-aided detection) system for automated detection of polyps and masses in virtual colonoscopy optimizes the accuracy of colorectal cancer detection rate.

Dr. Larry Stein’s Biography

Dr. Stein obtained his medical degree at McGill University in Montreal (1968), followed by a residency in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology of McGill (1973). Dr. Stein then obtained further subspecialty fellowship training in abdominal imaging at the University of California, San Francisco under Dr. Alex Margulis (1974).

After returning to Montreal, Dr. Stein was appointed and has maintained the position Chief of Diagnostic Radiology at the Royal Victoria Hospital and Associate Professor of Radiology at McGill University since 1977.

Dr. Stein is currently the Chairperson of the CAR Working Group on Virtual Colonoscopy.

Larry Stein

Larry Stein

Chef radiologue, Hôpital Royal-Victoria