Sequence of Events

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Prevention is better than cure

Sequence of Events

Our experienced team focuses on the quality and the efficiency of the investigations and tests done as part of a medical check-up in order to minimize the time spent at the clinic. With this in mind, the appointments for medical check-ups are given from 6:30 a.m., allowing you to resume your usual activities quickly.

After scheduling the appointment, a comprehensive medical questionnaire is sent to you by mail or email, depending on your preference.

To prepare for your medical check-up, you should :

    • Bring the medical questionnaire completed
    • Bring a complete list of your current medication
    • Bring all relevant test reports
    • Fast for 12 hours before the appointment, 48 hours with no alcohol
    • Bring comfortable running shoes for the general fitness evaluation and the stress electrocardiogram (on the treadmill)


The first visit

  • Half day

    The first visit  lasts on average 3 hours, depending on each person’s characteristics.

  • Laboratory Analysis

    For patients wishing to do the laboratory tests on the spot, the medical check-up takes place in the morning, as they must be fasting for blood tests and urine tests.

  • medical questionnaire

     During the visit, you present yourself with the medical questionnaire (medical history, current medications, lifestyle, etc.).
  • continental breakfast

    If you are fasting because you make your laboratory test at Physimed, a continental breakfast will be offered.

  • clinical consultation

    The medical examination is then performed by a family doctor. This examination takes about 40 minutes with clinical consultation, identification of the individual risk factors for certain cancers (breast, colon, prostate, lungs) and cardiovascular disease and personalized prevention advice.

  • Other exams

    The other exams or tests take place according to the medical check-up profile chosen and to the physician’s recommendation.

The second visit

  • Presentation of results

    The second visit takes place approximately two weeks after the first visit and takes on average 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Consultation with a physician

    During this visit, the physician assigned to your Physimed file will discuss the results of your tests, provide advice and suggest a follow-up plan if necessary.