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Organizational Mediation service

Physimed health Group’s mediation service provides support to organizations for dispute prevention and management. Whether for interpersonal conflicts, tensions following organizational changes, psychological harassment allegations, abuse of power or any other dispute, Physimed Health Group’s professionals can help you solve these conflicts.

La médiation offre plusieurs avantages :

      • Confidential voluntary approach involving the good faith of the parties and favoring active involvement
      • Identification of mutually acceptable solutions
      • Adherence to the terms of an agreement reached within the framework of a joint approach
      • Quick resolution of conflicts and maintenance of harmonious working relationships
      • Reduction of costs associated with judicial proceedings

Our mediation team consists of psychologists and lawyers trained to intervene for this specific type of situation. The mediator is an impartial third party who acts as a facilitator to help parties reach a mutually satisfactory arrangement.