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Crisis Intervention – Post traumatic stress disorder

An armed robbery, a suicide, the death of a colleague, a hostage-taking incident, a natural disaster or an assault at work are all situations that are beyond our ability to adapt and our usual stress-management strategies. Any event that threatens the physical or psychological safety of employees may lead to intense emotional reactions among those affected and greatly disrupt the workplace.

An early intervention, conducted by a team of professionals specializing in post traumatic stress disorder helps alleviate the distress generated by a traumatic event.

This type of intervention can help people affected during the initial shock (“hormonal reaction – adrenaline”) and during periods of “acute stress reaction” that may appear. It also allows preventing certain persistent reactions and helps resume normal activities of the company.

The post-traumatic intervention team from Physimed Health Group consists of professionals specially trained to intervene in crisis situations.

The crisis intervention service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a crisis, you can count on our sustained support throughout the entire recovery process.

When necessary, our post-traumatic intervention team of professionals may be on site within just a few hours, whether to offer support and advice to managers or to meet the people that are most vulnerable.