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Cardiology is the branch of medicine that studies the cardiovascular system from the morphological, functional and pathological points of view.

Physimed Clinic Inc.’s Medical Specialty Unit offers consultations in cardiology for health problems such as :

On-site examination in our medical center

Once again, Physimed Medical Center distinguishes itself from most clinics in Canada by making available to our patients diagnostic techniques at the cutting edge of technology, enabling them to be well investigated by our cardiologists, such as :

    • Resting electrocardiogram (ECG)
    • Stress electrocardiogram (treadmill ECG)
    • ABPM (24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring)
    • Holter monitoring
    • Echo Doppler
    • Echocardiogram
    • CT scan with calcium scoring
    • Coronary angioscan

These last two tests allow us to directly visualize the coronary arteries of the patients. We are thus able to determine the presence of arteriosclerotic plaques and determine the degree of obstruction of your coronary arteries. These tests, of the most sophisticated in cardiology, are offered in our medical center, by Radimed, our imaging center, in collaboration with specialists from McGill University (CUSM).