Oncology Center

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Because cancer requires speedy attention

Access gateway to oncology

The main key of success in oncology is the rapidity of a cancer diagnosis and the continuing care of the patient. The purpose of the oncology office is to facilitate quick access to oncology for patients who:

  • were recently diagnosed with cancer
  • have atypical lesions or suspect for cancer
  • have signs (e.g. palpable mass) or significant symptoms (e.g.: unexplained weight loss) suggestive of a potential cancer

These patients may benefit from the extensive expertise of our oncologists who will perform a thorough evaluation as well as providing the multidisciplinary continuing care with appropriate treatments.

To consult the access gateway to oncology at Physimed, you need a referral from your physician.

Consultations, treatements and continual care

The medical evaluations will be performed by the oncologists on-site at Physimed.

Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery treatments for the patients affected by cancer will be mainly administered in the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) hospitals, respectively the Montreal General and Royal Victoria Hospitals.

When a diagnosis of cancer is made, we know that time is a critical factor. The purpose of the Oncology Center at Physimed relies on the efficiency of its continuing care, greatly increasing the chances of success.

Considering that our oncologists are from McGill University, corridors of service are already in place and well-established, facilitating appointment booking and access to specialists.


Cancer Screening Center

The other key to success in oncology remains the early detection of cancer. The chances of cure and survival are greatly improved through early detection. In other words, you should not wait to be sick to consult, because often, cancers are already at an advanced stage when patients become symptomatic.

Currently, the cancers that are the object of a screening program are the cancers of the colon, prostate, breast and cervix. However, today, lung cancer, as well as other types of cancer, can also be the object of early detection using new technologies that are constantly improved through medical research.

To consult the Cancer Screening Center at Physimed, a referral from a physician is optional. In fact, if you do not have a family doctor or if you do not have a referral, we can assign you a doctor who will be in charge of your case within the framework of cancer screening.

The Cancer Screening Center at Physimed can follow you in a timely fashion by recommending the appropriate screening tests.

Our Team

  • 14 oncologists

    Physimed’s Oncology Center relies on a team of 14 oncologists from McGill University with expertise that covers all major types of cancers.

  • 36 radiologists

    The oncologists are equally supported at Physimed by a team of 36 radiologists from McGill University for any type of x-ray or medical imaging necessary to develop an accurate diagnosis and/or the appropriate follow-up. Our entire medical team, including family doctors and multidisciplinary specialists, is also supporting our oncologists.