Objectives and Tests

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The objectives of a complete medical physical examination

    • To determine your health status at the time of your visit
    • To evaluate the possible risk factors related to your physical, psychological and nutritional health
    • To assess your lifestyle habits
    • To detect, early, different diseases or cancers
    • To investigate anomalies
    • To revise your medication (when necessary)
    • To establish a treatment plan and the monitoring of diseases (if necessary)
    • To find strategies to optimise your health by reducing risk factors and correcting deviant lifestyle habits

The physical examination protocols

The physical examination protocols evolve progressively from the time you call to schedule your appointment all the way to the end of your medical exam.

Physimed Clinic Inc. offers personalised medical check-ups which take into consideration your age, your sex, your personal and familial risk factors, the information from your medical questionnaire, your medical file, the medical examination performed by the physician and your specific requests (i.e. blood group).

Furthermore, the medical questionnaire completed by you highlights complaints which may guide our doctors to prescribe additional investigations.

Finally, the protocol is reviewed by your physician who may continue to individualise it by prescribing some tests or exams based on the findings of his physical examination.

Exams and Tests

A medical check-up is a comprehensive medical examination that we recommend to be done periodically and/or for the control of chronic diseases. All patients having a medical check-up at Physimed will go through a global medical assessment that may include different medical tests such as :

    • Comprehensive medical questionnaire
    • Complete evaluation by a nurse
    • Complete physical examination (by a general practitioner)
    • Blood tests
    • Urine analysis
    • Computerized audiometry test (hearing test)
    • Computerized spirometry test (pulmonary function test)
    • Cardiology consultation
    • Resting electrocardiogram
    • Stress electrocardiogram (treadmill test)
    • X-ray
    • General fitness evaluation by a kinesiologist
    • Osteodensitometry (bone density)
    • Screening test for colon cancer (Hémoccult, colonoscopy)
    • Sleep apnea test
    • Screening test for peripheral atherosclerotic diseases
    • Gynaecologic exam and PAP test
    • Mammography
    • Immunization update
    • Visual exam
    • Others (if necessary)

    For the following years, we generally comply with the recommendations of the evidence-based medicine guidelines to generate and personalise your medical check-up protocol based on your health status.