Ongoing Care

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and continuity of care

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Médecine familiale

Ongoing Care

Many patients don’t have a family doctor or consult walk-in clinics in order to solve a punctual health problem.  Physimed has the team of medical professionals, the equipment and the technology necessary to offer you a high quality medical service and also a direct access to diagnostic services under one roof, allowing you the assessment of your health status in just one visit, in majority.

Our medical check-up program distinguishes itself by the ongoing care of the patient, should this become necessary, aiming at correcting the anomalies detected during the medical examination. The ongonig care might be delivered, when needed, by Physimed’s medical team, either by your family doctor at Physimed Clinic Inc., by the different specialists (cardiologist, dermatologist, orthopaedist, etc.) or by the different health professionals (nurses, psychologists, dieticians, physiotherapists), all directly available at Physimed Health Group.

At Physimed, we work in interdisciplinarity. We know your time is precious, that’s why Physimed organizes multi-visit appointments at your convenience, minimizing your waiting time.

The possibility of having a family doctor at Physimed Clinic

The family doctor that you meet during your medical check-up could become, with mutual consent, your family doctor, which means, the physician from Physimed who is assigned to your file and whom you can consult with during the year, when needed.

For more information about registering with a family doctor, visit ” Register with a family doctor.