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If you prefer to call, you can always make an appointment by calling 514 747-8185.

Lab services at for your convenience

            • Available 7/7 days and early in the morning
            • Book appointments online directly from our website
            • Free parking
            • Courteous service in a pleasant environment
            • No wait time
            • A duly accredited laboratory with rigorous quality control
            • A full range of blood and urine tests
            • Results in less than 24 hours for the vast majority of tests
            • Competitive prices
            • The expenses are paid by most private insurance companies
            • Fast transmission of results to your doctor
            • Option of receiving your results via highly secure email

Physimed Health Group’s Laboratory Services

Physimed Health Group offers its customers blood and urine collection services that is available very early in the morning for patients’ convenience. The analysis of these samples is done by a laboratory duly accredited by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. A wide range of laboratory tests is available such as biochemistry, haematology, urine, coagulation, microbiology, cytology, serology, immunology, oncology and toxicology tests. Most of these laboratory tests are done routinely, allowing us to receive the results within less than 24 hours.


The costs for blood and urine collection and analysis are not covered by Medicare, but private insurance companies reimburse, in general, the costs for these services. Please note that whatever tests Physimed Clinic Inc.’s doctors may prescribe, you can choose to have them done at Physimed Health Group (with applicable fees) or elsewhere, for example in the public sector, at your discretion.