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Physimed Clinic Inc.’s
related fees

Medical consultations at Physimed Clinic Inc. are covered by the health insurance card. No other fees will be charged other than those specified by Quebec Medical Federations.

Related fees to other services
available at Physimed Medical Center

(eg. Physimed Health Group, Radimed, Kinatex)

Additional charges may apply if your doctor recommends that you take tests (eg. blood tests, MRI), consultations (eg. psychologist) or treatments (eg. physiotherapy) not covered by the RAMQ. If you have personal insurance, these expenses may be reimbursed in part or in whole.

Regardless of the tests, consultations or other exams a Physimed doctor may prescribe, you can choose to pass these tests or consult Physimed Medical Center (fees for some not covered by the RAMQ tests) or elsewhere, for example in the public network, and at your discretion.