Consultations by appointment

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Consultations by appointment

As patient of the Physimed Clinic Inc., you can make an appointment with your family doctor from Physimed when you need it or following your doctor’s directions.

Physimed Clinic Inc.’s doctors always try to balance their services in relation to their patients’ demands. Thus, the waiting time for an appointment with your Physimed Clinic Inc.’s family doctor is reasonable however, they can vary from one to six weeks, depending on the availability of the physician. Some doctors may be absent, on vacation or on leave, which could lengthen your waiting time.

Moreover, we try as much as possible to respect the appointment times. However, given the nature of our work, unexpected situations can happen and, unfortunately, may cause delays. Please know that we are aware of these situations and we do everything we can to minimize your waiting time.

Finally, considering that our medical team works in “appropriate access to clinic-wide” as far as possible, we try to accommodate our patients for very urgent appointments that are requested either by patients themselves, our GMF nurses, our professionals’ health care as well as by our department in charge of handling abnormal test results.

In case of an urgent consultation would not be available with their family doctors, our patients are not left on their own. They can be taking care by our GMF nurses or be directed to our walk-in clinic opened 365 days a year with extended hours. Consequently, we have abolished the waiting lists for appointments with our family physicians and our patients are seen in a timely manner.