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Direct laryngoscopy is a diagnostic test that allows the doctor to directly visualize the larynx and the pharynx by using a laryngoscope. Laryngoscopy is useful in case of voice disorders (breathless voice, hoarseness, weak voice or no voice), earaches and sore throat, swallowing disorders, airway obstruction, etc.

This examination is performed under local anaesthesia and allows the doctor to localize and to characterize macroscopic abnormalities of the lining of the larynx and of the vocal cords.

During this examination it is possible to remove tissue (biopsy).

During the examination, an endoscope (a small flexible tube) equipped with a lighting system and a fiber optic camera is inserted through the nose, so that its tip reaches the upper part of the larynx. The test takes about 10 minutes and can be repeated to follow-up on patients after treatment. The results can reveal the presence of inflammation, narrowing of the airways, polyps or tumor of the larynx, scar tissue or even vocal cord paralysis.

This test is done by a doctor specializing in ear, nose and throat surgery.

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