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Better detect cancer in time

What are the advantages of CT scan of the lungs?

  • Fast, painless, noninvasive and accurate

  • Highly detailed images of the lungs

  • More effective in the early detection of lung cancer than chest X-ray

  • Detect more

    • very small nodules in the lungs, so it is particularly effective for early diagnosis of lung cancer at a curable stage
    •  other lung abnormalities
    • other extra-pulmonary abnormalities such as arteriosclerotic disease of coronary arteries

Radiation Exposure

A CT scan of the chest exposes the patient to radiation. However, with the Lung Cancer Screening Program at Physimed, we use a high resolution CT (64 slices) as well as a technique of exposure to lower doses equivalent to a dose of radiation released by a single mammogram.


Physimed’s Medical Imaging Center is equipped with a GE LightSpeed VCT 64-slice CT scanner (high resolution, ultra fast) at the cutting edge of technology, which provides an accurate tool for measuring and detecting anatomical structures and pathological conditions. This allows us, for example, to conduct a study of the chest within a few minutes. The helical mode also allows us to obtain highly accurate images that can be reconstructed in various planes or in 3D (three dimensional).