Cancer Screening Center


Better detect cancer in time

Cancer Screening Center

During the last few years Physimed has developed its own cancer screening center. The objective of this center aims at the early detection of cancer in order to respond quickly and, as such, maximize the chances of successful treatment. The accessibility to cancer screening is not easy for many Quebecers, especially for those who don’t have a family doctor.

It is within this context that Physimed has established its cancer screening center that facilitates access to these tests for patients who don’t have a referral from their doctor by assigning them a physician from our team who will prescribe the test and follow-up with the results.

Physimed’s cancer screening center specializes in screening for the deadliest cancers such as lung, colon, prostate, breast and cervical cancer. Our center, at the cutting edge of technology, has the latest generation imaging equipment in addition to being supported by a highly qualified medical team.